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  1. When I first began behind the wheel I was filled with trepidation, but after 7 classes with Mr. Khan I felt more confident in my driving skills. Mr. Khan is an excellent teacher and I would recommend ANEES driving school to anyone looking for behind the wheel training.

  2. Very Impressed!
    I was a bit nervous at first attending Driving school after a bad experience from a different school in the vicinity.

    But this instructor @ Anees driving school turned out so professional, dedicated, very pleasing and courteous in his manners as well as the teaching skills.

    The techniques he adopt can easily make you a good driver and this will help you in the future too as these are excellent and safer ways..

    He is very patient even though you make mistakes and never ever yelled at me. This became a game changer in my driving and i got my license at my first attempt. Thank you Anees and I will recommend you very gladly to anyone who ask about your school..

  3. I had an amazing experience driving with Khan! He made me feel super comfortable, even when I drove in extreme weather conditions! I would recommend Anee’s for everyone!

  4. This is the perfect place to learn how to drive, get your license, and just have a great time driving. Mr. Khan is an experienced, amazing instructor. I could not have asked for a better Behind the Wheel experience. He makes driving relaxing and easy, giving beneficial pointers each session to improve your driving skills. He connects well with his students and every session was nothing but fun! You’ll definitely be looking forward to each hour long session with him! I can attest for myself and definitely on the behalf of all his students and say that Anees Driving School is the best, all thanks to Mr. Khan!

  5. This is a great program. Anees is an excellent instructor, and he’s great at directing without making you stressed out. He knows what he’s doing, and taught me several ways to change my driving to make it safer/easier.

  6. Anees is a great driving teacher and I would recommend him to anyone and everyone! He’s very patient and helpful when it comes to finding learning gaps. I’ve learned so much from him. He’s also funny and conversational, which are always nice qualities to have in a mentor. He is also very understanding that we are all super busy, so he actively tries to accommodate us. Doing Behind the Wheel with Anees Driving School is well worth the money.

  7. For the Teens Behind the wheel for $250, can you please explain to me what issuing a 6 month license mean? Can teens that have their permit still get that?

  8. Anee’s is a great driving school for stundents who work or have a busy schedule. They work with you to accommodate to your schedule get your lessons done in a timely manner. The teacher is very good and makes a comfortable atmosphere. He’s very understanding and teaches you a lot that you do not learn from the class room or from your parents.

  9. Mr. Khan is the best instructor out there! He stays very calm and teachs you how to become a better driver at the same time. Anees driving school is the best behind the wheel class in nova!

  10. I got Nomi, or Mr. Khan, as my instructor. His teaching levels are something else, he not only did show me how to handle the wheel properly, but he taught me the importance of driving safely. Love this man, if someone gets him, that person is lucky.

  11. This is an excellent program to learn how to drive safely on the road. Mr. Khan was such a great instructor, he made me feel stress-free and relaxed while driving. I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher to show me the ways of the road. Thank you so much, Anees Driving School and Mr. Khan!

  12. Anees Driving School was very helpful and has flexible scheduling. Mr. Khan was an outstanding teacher and I’m really glad my friend recommended it to me. I’ll be sure to tell my friends about it. Thank you so much Anees Driving School and Mr. Khan!

  13. Thank God for Anees driving school, I was able to quickly get my license within 2 weeks on what would have taken me months and with Nomi as my instructor It was even easier. I will recommend this to all my friends.

  14. After sending two kids through FCPS behind the wheel, my mom decided to opt for a private company with me, and I am so glad she did. I was able to start just two days after signing up, and at a price much lower than what is offered through FCPS. The scheduling was super convenient and flexible around my schedule, and the driving experience was not only helpful but also stress-less. I can guarantee that you will enjoy your experience with Anees Driving School and Mr. Khan, and recommend that any young drivers looking to complete behind the wheel utilize this great service.

  15. Mr. Khan is amazing! He made me feel super comfortable driving and made driving feel super safe! Super understanding and helpful! Thanks Mr. Khan!

  16. this driving school was super super helpful. I learned a lot of good tips about parking and rules of the road in general. I got good driving hours and it was overall just a good experience. I would recommend this school to everyone.

  17. Really relaxing class and the instructor is very knowledgeable. He works with everyone to make sure they’ll be safe drivers in the future

  18. The first day I was super nervous to go but by the end of the day I had actually enjoyed myself. Anees was a really good instructor he helped me learn how to park and have a lot of helpful tips that I never knew. I would recommend this to everybody.

  19. Khan is the🐐 best choice I’ve made all year is signing up for Anees driving school, somthing I looked forward to everyday. Khan does an impeccable job at teaching you the ways of the road and he has turned me into the safe responsible driver I am today. #goats

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