Every new driver faces several doubts and questions before getting behind the wheel independently and hitting the road. In this doubt, confusion and a little lack of practice, one can make several mistakes which can actually cost more than expected. The best way to avoid these most common mistakes is to choose the best driving school in VA and an experienced instructor.


The combination of these can help to avoid the following given 7 mistakes:


1) Speeding

Speeding is the most common mistake made by a new driver. With an instructor and during the driving practice, one may be able to control the speed but while driving alone, this can come across as something which may cause an issue because it takes time to control it.


2) Road awareness

Driving can be very overwhelming for new drivers because there are so many things to take care of. On top of this, paying attention to general road awareness can be daunting. But it is important to slowly learn to adapt and pay attention to traffic signs, traffic volume and signages.


3) Mobile phone use

Using mobile phone while driving is also a common mistake which new drivers tend to mistake. Mobile phones can get one easily distracted and is also the most common reasons for road accidents these days.


4) Taking unnecessary risks

In the initial days of excitement of learning driving and driving independently, taking unnecessary risks such as skipping traffic lights and overtaking other vehicles is also common among new drivers. But these risks can cost a lot and may not be the best thing to you. This mistake must be avoided and all rules should be followed.


5) No seat belts

In the excitement and thrill of driving in the initial few days, new drivers often forget to put their seat belt on. This can also be the result of over confidence but is a huge mistake. Using no seat belts can be a big risk and can lead to bad accidents.


6) Driving under the influence

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is yet another common mistake which new drivers often make. Driving under influence can increase the risk of accidents and is absolutely against the rules. This is more of a common problem among young drivers and should be avoided at all costs.

7) Not maintaining the vehicle

Not maintaining the vehicle is also a mistake which new and young drivers make. Vehicle maintenance is extremely important for a good and smooth driving experience and those who do not keep their vehicles well maintained often face a variety of problems on the road.


By joining a good driving school and by training under a good instructor, one can improve his confidence and avoid making these common mistakes. Good instructors teach the importance of safe driving and help avoid these mistakes. You can visit Anees Driving School to join a good driving course today. So join now and become a responsible driver.

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  1. I like how you mentioned that it is important to slowly learn to adapt and pay attention to traffic signs, traffic volume, and signages because driving can be overwhelming to new drivers. We’re planning to enroll our teenage son in a driving school and we want to make sure that he will learn the traffic rules and regulations. I’ll make sure to remind him of this to ensure his safety.

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