Getting competent and reducing mistakes while behind the wheel is always the desire of every driver who gets on the road. Contrary to common perception, there is no ideal driver, devoid of any errors and mistakes, as getting on the road every day is always a new experience like none before. The drivers vary in terms of behaviors, emotions and judgment, so do the pedestrians and cyclists, as well as other road users. As much as one may be a careful driver, you share the road with other road users and thereby the one key thing is that you should always seek to be alert and keen while driving, avoiding distractions as much as possible. Learning and nurturing these traits begins the moment you join a driving school in Centreville VA, and making that choice is as important as the learning process itself.


Learning the Basics at the Driving School

Just like acquiring any other technical skill, mastering the basics is always the first step, and knowing how to drive is no different. If you join a quality driving school, regardless of your previous experience behind the wheel, the instructor will always begin lessons with the cockpit drill. As much as it sounds obvious, it seeks to make you aware of the safety aspects of the car and the various controls. In order to enhance your ability to absorb this essential lesson and subsequent ones, the instructor might give you a guide book possibly with illustrations to make the lessons easier to comprehend.


The Doors; the car doors are an important part of the drill and one is subsequently sensitized on the importance of ensuring that the driver and the passenger doors are well shut before starting the car. Most modern cars have an icon on the dash board that shows if any one door is open including the boot.


The Steering Wheel and Seat; getting a comfortable position in your seat is vital, in order to ensure that you can effectively control the vehicle. Your instructor will aid you in adjusting your seat to a position where you can comfortably control the steering wheel and reach the foot pedals without straining. As a precautionary measure, the instructor will never allow you to start the driving without properly fastening your seat-belt.


Behind The Wheel Controls

Once the instructor has ensured that the learner is in a comfortable and secure sitting position and the cars doors are shut and mirrors adjusted correctly, they are ready to learn the cars controls;


Foot controls; these are the main controls and consists of an accelerator/gas pedal, brake and clutch – with the exception of an automatic vehicle that has no clutch. The right foot operates the accelerator and brake while the left foot operates the clutch – it’s the golden driving rule. The gas pedal is for more power while the clutch is for changing gears.


Hand Controls; these consist of the steering wheel, the gears that ensure proper fuel consumption, and the handbrake.
With the professional tutors at ANEES Driving School, you will learn to be competent behind the wheel and join the pool of proficient drivers on our roads.

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