Defensive driving is a kind of a driving practice which involves removing all kinds of distractions from the vehicle or car and concentrating on the task at hand. It is a fact that maximum number of accidents or mishaps takes place due to inadequate amount of driver’s concentration or attention. Thus if you teen is interested in learning driving, make sure you encourage him to take a defensive driving course. There are many driving schools which offer defensive driving training.


Here’s some more information about defensive driving classes for teens:


Computer courses

Since internet has become almost necessary for everyone these days, it is a good idea to take a defensive driving class as a computer course. There are so many computer based courses which are meant to teach your teenager the lessons of driving defensively. Most of these classes are internet based and have the advantage of allowing parents to take the class with their teenager children. But here, you must make sure that the class is state accredited or licensed.


Classroom courses

Another method of defensive driving class is by taking up a classroom base course. In this type of a course, you will get the added benefit of learning from a trainer rather than a computer. Apart from classroom lessons at driving school in Northern Virginia, the course can also include defensive driving stimulator or a proper road course. These courses provide more of practical training and are offered by a large number of classes or providers. These courses are meant to help young driving learners to avoid dangerous situations while on the road. Before enrolling for such a class, you must do proper research and pick a class which is affordable, near your house and is licensed.


Benefits of defensive driving classes:

There are many benefits of learning defensive driving. These courses help to make your teen more of a responsible driver and also a confident driver. The teenagers or others who learn defensive driving are less likely to crash a car as compared to others. Besides these benefits of teenagers, these courses also benefit the parents because it can help save a lot of money. This is true because the chances of a car getting damaged due to an accident are lower when it comes to defensive driving techniques. Moreover, enrolling a teen into a defensive driving class can help parents qualify for a discount rate or offer as well.


Difference between standard driving and defensive driving

Defensive driving class or education is different from the standard driving classes. One of the major differences between the two is that standard driving class requires a teenager to earn the driver learner’s permit or license whereas the same is not true for the defensive driving class.


If you are someone who is interested in driving and wants to learn it in Northern VA you can opt for a defensive driving lesson either online or through behind the wheel training method. To do so, you can log on to Anees Driving School


  1. I agree– it is really important for teens to not just learn how to drive, but learn how to drive defensively. I know a lot of my friends started driving without any instruction and have been in a few weeks. I always wondered how different it would have been if they had lessons or took a driver’s education course.

  2. I really like what you said about defensive driving school saving you money because it decreases your chances of getting in a car accident. This I think would be great for my teenager but also great for me to learn how to drive better in certain situations. A lot of the time I will make silly mistakes while driving that nearly cause an accident, so being more knowledgeable about how to drive would be nice.

  3. Great article! Driving skill and experience are very important factors but as you said “maximum number of accidents or mishaps takes place due to inadequate amount of driver’s concentration or attention”. So be aware!

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